Overlanding components for 4×4 trucks


Drawers and Storage

Filing your gear in drawers eliminate the need for multiple bins / bags and allows for secure storage without having to tie everything inside. These drawers are perfect for storing your recovery gear, camping, cooking, tools and spares, tow straps, or anything else you can think of to continue your adventure.

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Réfrigérateur de overland

Refrigerator for overland

A fridge / freezer is great advice for someone who wants to get started in the overland. The most important thing about self-sufficiency is being able to distance yourself for several days and not lose your food. With the quality of these refrigerators, it is more than interesting to want to venture out as far and for a long time as possible.

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Compresseur à air pour 4x4

Air compressor for 4×4

Having a reliable and efficient portable air compressor makes it easy to adjust your tire pressure and the peace of mind that you can re-inflate your tires when the fun is over and it’s time to hit the pavement.

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Rack de toit 4x4

Roof Rack

With all of the roof rack choices, it’s hard to find the right one for our use. We have therefore taken the time to group together our best products to facilitate the type of rack for your use.

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Toyota 4 Runner LED

Performance Lighting

As an off-roader, overlander, hunter, construction worker, or rancher, you need a quality product that can keep up with you and the job at hand. We have therefore paired up some of our suppliers in whom we have confidence in their products. Whether it’s flood, spot, amber, dual row or single row, we can help you find the right model.

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Auvant et tente de toit 4x4

Tents, awnings & camping

Be ready for your next adventure. Maybe it’s time to explore the world from the roof of your car with a rooftop tent. With the choice of several awning kits, your trip will be most memorable no matter the weather. It is always good to equip yourself with good camping accessories, thanks to our suppliers specializing in outdoor activities.

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