Custom parts for 4X4 trucks

Pjf4x4 offers the option of providing the necessary parts for your project. Going through the

cages, Brackets, suspension or even protection, we can find the right pieces.

In addition, custom also means improving your own pieces with better parts

which were created specifically to solidify or improve your project. If you are unsure about

some parts, give us a call and we will be happy to help you.


Barnes 4WD

Barnes 4WD strives to be a leader in the off-road industry. They offer a wide range of parts from “bolt on” to parts for all types of DIY enthusiasts. With Barnes 4wd your expectations will be exceeded. Prepare to race!


Motobilt is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of

parts that will change your vehicle to another level! These specialists,

offer several parts that will change the geometry of your jeep and help

overcome obstacles that seem impossible to you.

Transfert case sur mesure

Custom Transfercase

SCS gearbox

If you love mud and sand racing or rock bouncing and are looking for a quick change transfer case, you’ve come to the right place. For over 30 years SCS Gearbox has been the leading manufacturer of these and a number of other racing parts for the roughest terrain. SCS, a trusted brand in custom-made!

North west fab

Northwest Fabworks Inc. produces performance off-road transmissions, gear solutions, transmission adapters and steering kits. Thanks to their potential, North West Fab also has access to diesel engine adapters as well as several parts to adapt all your projects.


4×4 Truss

Barnes 4wd

Since its inception in 2006, Barnes 4wd has grown to be a leader in the off-road industry, offering a wide range of custom 4×4 parts for the hardcore rock crawler or customer just getting into four wheeling. Here is a link that may help some to better understand custom design.

Next Venture

Next Venture Motorsports was born out of a commitment to innovative design and manufacturing and a passion for off-roading. We are committed to designing and manufacturing quality products that will accompany you on your next adventure and bring you home. We proudly manufacture parts for Jeeps from the latest JL/JT and up to the CJ and Jeepster.

T&M fabrication

T&M metal fabrication is a company that deserves to be recognized for the diversity of their product. Whether for truss, stiffner or reinforcement plate, their product will be perfect for all your off-road modifications.